Stop Forced Electrification NOW!

  • Learn more about the efforts to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and force you to convert to all electric.

    New York's Plan

    New York’s Plan

    New York needs a balanced energy policy that doesn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. We need a place for traditional fuels to help transition to a low carbon future by making improvements in their own emissions — not outlawing them.

    New Jersey's Plan

    New Jersey’s Plan

    Achieving the EMP’s objective without crippling families will REQUIRE a directional shift. Without it, New Jersey homeowners are in for increased expenses, fewer choices in how they heat and cool their homes, and a potentially dangerous strain on our electric grid.

    Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association

    MEMA represents hundreds of companies across the Commonwealth who are committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions and improved energy efficiency.